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New School Marketing

The world we live in is becoming a mobile first environment, when we have a question, need to research a new purchase, or simply just want to be inspired we reach for our phones and tablets first. This has changed modern advertising, giving us the opportunity to reach our customers when they are at work, home or play.

Todays consumers reach for their phone first when making a purchasing decision.

Web presence and digital campaigns are a given for companies in today’s market. However for new technology to work for us it is critical to ensuring that be implemented with brand and message in mind. Simply being able to code a website or e-blast does not mean that it will be successful or garner the results you need in a competitive market. Orchard’s experience traditional marketing and web technology ensures that we build effective web marketing that is fully integrated with your brand and offline materials to create a strong unified message.


User interface design
User experience design
Responsive web design

Programming & development
Hosting services
SEO (Search engine optimization)

E-commerce solutions
Analytics & reporting
Social media advertising

Google Adwords
Email Campaigns
Facebook Advertising

  • Gemini Homes
    Biltmore Factory Towns - Website
  • Forest Park Homes
  • Ironstone Built
    Ironstone Built - Corporate Website
  • Coscorp Inc.
    Coscorp - Website
  • Rez-One
    Rez-One Website
  • Sierra Construction
    The Villages of Sally Creek - Website
  • Wastell Homes
    Montage - Website
  • Sunvale Homes
    Grandeur - Eblast
  • Dave Tennant Urban Concepts
    Corporate Website
  • HIP Developments
    Trio on Belmont - Eblast
  • Aberdeen Homes
    Maple Keys - Eblasts
  • Coscorp
    Coscorp - Corporate Website
  • Aberdeen Homes
    Fit - Eblast
  • Gemini Homes
    Gemini - Corporate Website
  • In8 Developments
    DTK Condos
  • Corsica Homes
    Corisca Homes - Website
  • Sifton
    Haven - Website
  • Polocorp
    Barra on Queen - Website
  • Litera Group
    Litera Group - Corporate Website
  • HIP Developments
    181 King - Website