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Builders & Developers

Single Family Homes

Orchard has designed for all shapes and sizes of urban development lots, from 1000 sq. ft. to 4500 sq. ft., on wide to narrow lots and accommodating a wide variety of By-Law requirements. Our award winning designers bring their talents to every task, whether it’s a single design or a complete model range for an urban development.

Traditional & Stacked Townhomes

We have hundreds of townhome projects under our belts. Every project comes with challenges, whether complexities due to grading, lot size constraints or design to facilitate obtaining site plan approval. From semi-detached homes to award winning townhomes and medium density projects, we have extensive experience in projects on all types of land topography and lot size and configuration.

Urban/Suburban Design

A community is more than a collection of homes. The streetscapes, public places and the open spaces between, play an important part in the vision of a community. With our knowledge and expertise we guide new communities’ from inception to completion; from the large scale to small, we create a coherent vision that presents a strong sense of place and added value that captures the home buyers dream of a new home.