frequently asked questions
BCIN Design Services

Site plan, images and inspiration photos or plan ideas are just a few items to get the concept kickstarted.

Anything structurally related will require a permit. For example all new construction, any structure over 10 square metres, all renovations or changes of use of a building.

Every project is unique and needs to be quoted. We will review the site and information provided to give the best quote based on the scope of the project.

For renovations and accessory apartments, if you are unable to provide existing drawings, a home measure is required at an additional fee.

  1. Call Us – you’ll be connected with a project manager.
  2. Consultation – we will review the scope of the project and talk about your wants and needs.
  3. Quote – Each project comes with its own unique steps, we will build a quote based on our consultation.
  4. Site Requirements & Zoning Information – This is the step where we ensure the project fits within all city requirements and lot specific zoning.
  5. Design – We create concepts that provide solutions to your wants and needs.
  6. Permit Drawings – You receive your final package that includes all needed documents for the permit application.

While this depends on the scope of work, typically full permit ready drawings are completed within 30 days.

No. That is up to the homeowners, builders and/or contractors. We will provide all required documentation required as BCIN designers.

When you own your drawings you have the ability to approach as many contractors as you like and are able to get apples to apples quote comparisons.

A BCIN Designer can provide design and architectural drawings for any space up to 600 square metres (6458 sq.ft.) and within Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code. (Examples would be renovations, single family home, townhouse block, accessory structures, decks)

An Architect is required in residential buildings exceeding 600 square metres (6458 sq.ft.) in building area, contains 3 or more dwelling units and has dwelling units above another dwelling unit or is over 3 storeys in building height. (Examples would be stacked town houses, custom home exceeding 600 sq.ft., mid and high-rise apartments, commercial/industrial/institutional).

On projects that require an Architect, Orchard Design is qualified to design and prepare drawings and can coordinate architectural review with a certified Architect. If you are unsure if you need an Architect, reach out and we will advise what your project requirements are.

Yes, we can review and certify your drawings for as low as $800. The cost will increase depending on the scope of the drawings. This fee will cover our review and our liability insurance. Contact us for a quote.

Orchard Design partners with a number of structural engineering firms and can coordinate on your behalf to incorporate into your drawings.

EEDS is an acronym for Energy Efficiency Design Summary. This is required for all new homes and any renovations where doors or windows are added and/or replaced.