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Since 1997, Orchard Design has provided high quality design and architectural drawings for hundreds of renovations and additions. No matter how small or large the project is, we can provide the services you need.

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Even before Bill 23 “More Homes, Faster Act”, Orchard worked with many homeowners to add rental units within their home or property to generate rental income and offset their mortgage.

Accessory Units & Accessory Structures

Adding to What You Have

  • Tiny homes (as small as 600 sq.ft.) on your current property
  • Basement apartment (separate entrance)
  • Second suite/In-law suite within your home
  • Unit above detached garage or structure
  • Pool cabanas & gazebos
  • Detached sheds & garages

Interior Renovations

Upgrading What You Have

  • Removal of a load-bearing partition
  • Redesign main floor plan to create an open concept living space
  • Finished basements
  • Redesigns of second floors to add larger primary suites
  • Additional interior layout changes

Exterior Renovations

Changing the Curb Appeal

  • Updating front facades
  • New additions
  • Expanding openings or adding new windows
  • Decks – single storey or covered

The Process

We are here to guide you through the process of renovating or adding to your structure or property. Once you receive your final package at the end of this process, you as the homeowner will be responsible for submissions.

1. Contact Us

Call or email us to be connected with a Project Manager here at Orchard Design

2. In Home Meeting

We will review the space(s) in question and discuss the scope of your project.

3. Quoting

Each renovation or addition is unique. After reviewing your needs we will create a specific quote for you.

4. Existing Measurements

We measure the entire home, ensuring we have accurate drawings and dimensions. We will require access to all spaces, including the attic, to inspect the home’s structure. For additions, we prefer to have a professional site survey in addition to the municipal Geographic Information Systems (GIS) locators to establish and estimate the property’s boundaries. We then draw the existing structure in AutoCAD.

5. Design

Now we do what we specialize in!

Whether you are looking to modernize your home, add additional space or offset your mortgage with additional income, our team of BCIN certified designers will compose concepts that transform your home and help you go from what you have to what you want.

6. Permit Drawings

A full set of permit drawings are prepared including:

  • Demolition plans (as required)
  • Dimensioned floor plans and elevations
  • Structure revisions and engineering (as required)
  • Roof plans (as required)
  • Construction schedules
  • General specifications and Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements
  • BCIN certified drawings, Schedule 1 form and Energy Efficiency Design requirements if any door or windows are added or removed.

Why You Should Get Your Own Drawings Done?

When you own your drawings you have the ability to approach as many contractors as you like and are able to get apples to apples comparisons.

case study
Heritage Home Renovation

This outdated century old farmhouse was previously converted into a duplex unit and we were obtained to recreate it into one large single family home. The goal was to keep as much character of the existing home as possible so the existing stone/ brick walls were kept along with the original openings.