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The Task

Develop a unique brand for a new condominium tower in Downtown Kitchener. Effectively and efficiently launch the brand to secure targeted demographic of urban buyers and investors seeking opportunity in the KW residential market.

The Solution

Following the success of our collaboration with IN8 Developments on Kitchener’s DTK, our goal was to create another modern and memorable identity that resonated with today’s urban investor & buyer alike.
The TEK brand embodies “The Evolution of Kitchener” and pays tribute to the instrumental growth and innovation happening in the city’s tech-sector in recent years. The overall marketing approach leverages the building location in the highly sought-after and ever expanding Innovation District. The brand successfully parallels the technological innovation ubiquitous to the area and captures the essence of an urban lifestyle in-demand today.
For the initial brand launch we implemented a targeted teaser campaign across social media and digital platforms introducing the TEK brand and vision to our demographic. Custom photography, product renderings and professional video media effectively unveiled the building creating intrigue and compelling viewers to register online.

The Result

The buzz created by the advertising campaigns around TEK’s 44 storey condo building has resulted in over 6,500 subscribers in 3 months. With this level of interest, it is estimated the project will sell out within the first week of sales launch.

Orchard Design played a consulting role on the rendering team along with the developer and Norm Li, providing creative direction to ensure the renderings were consistent with the brand.

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