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The Task

Develop a brand, voice and vision for Tricar’s new luxury condominium residence in Downtown Guelph.

The Solution

Creation of a complete marketing campaign targeting an upper-echelon buyer seeking the best in high rise living that Guelph has to offer. A combination focus of luxuriousness of product and lifestyle were implemented to attract qualified buyers. Tone was established with the initial branding including logo composed of custom font with rolling curves symbolic of the project’s river-side location. The sleek typographic solution resulted in a word-mark that is both modern and unique, while sure to remain timeless. Deliverables included: Dynamic product visuals with inclusion of lifestyle and nature components to emit relatable and realistic feel. The project brochure was an elegant coffee table book designed to visually communicate the sales messages and product offering for Edgewater. The overall design and finishing of this piece represents the same luxury and level of quality buyers can expect in their home. The project sales office includes displays, media, banners, murals and more to provide an immersive and interactive experience for buyers to explore condominium living at Edgewater. Orchard deployed email marketing campaigns to introduce the project, generate interest and collect qualified registrations.

The Result

The Tricar corporate mission is to be an industry leading developer of premier high-rise communities with an enduring commitment to quality and customer experience. Edgewater mirrors these brand values of luxury, sophistication and quality. Cohesiveness of graphics and marketing, powerful and persuasive writing and impactful design practices culminated to create a highly sought-after project. With large units commanding higher price points, the early sales success of this project highlights the effectiveness of targeted messaging to secure the appropriate demographic.

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